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First Friday – March 2021


A month at home after being in quarantine for 2 weeks in January and now I’m on the road again. A few sudden border closures in that month, mainly WA and Victoria which just highlights how important it is to keep an weather eye on what is happening throughout Australia with the Covid restrictions. I know it is laughable overseas to have Australia snap shut the borders between States with ONE new Covid case in the community. But I would rather have the inconvenience of that to all the deaths happening in other countries. Hopefully I won’t get caught this time on this trip back to Sydney to pick up all the stuff I had to leave behind because the car couldn’t be freighted across State borders with any items in it. I have Flair and the caravan this time and we’ll make a beach holiday of this month.

The backyard mid 2020 – all dug up.

My back yard when I got back from Sydney in January was overrun by the pumpkin vine and now I’m waiting for 5 pumpkins to mature before winter. The pumpkins grew from seeds in the compost and are a stop gap until I get a dwarf fruit tree to fill the space.

Rampant pumpkin vine across the backyard.

I decided to have a 1 on 1 workshop with Andrew Goodall from Nature’s Image during February. So pleased I did. I learnt heaps more about my new camera as well as using Manual for slow shutter speeds for making milky wave water. The photo below was taken by Andrew and he kindly gave me a copy and permission to post it on my Blog.

Taken by Andrew Goodall of Nature Images of me at Shelley Beach for my 1 0n 1

The month pasted quickly with a few outings, movies and books to read but by 20th I was itching to be on the road again. So here I am on my way to Sydney and a few stops on the way home at more beaches.

Come back on the First Friday next month (which will be the week of Easter!) to see what I have been doing on my trip down to Sydney. Goodness the seasons come and go quickly these days.

A Trip To Sydney And Return.


Finally all the borders between States are open and I’ve taken this chance to go to Sydney to get all the stuff I had to leave with my son when Greater Sydney became a ‘Hotspot’ over Xmas. The only way to get home was to fly, freight my car back and do 14 days in quarantine. Because of Covid the freight companies wouldn’t allow any, and I mean any, stuff to remain in the car, hence leaving it with my son. Hopefully I won’t get caught out with another border closure this time.

I’m in the caravan with Flair this time. We’ll make about a months trip out of it and spend some time at the beaches we haven’t been to for a year and explore some new ones. Our first few nights were at North Haven Beach near Port Macquarie.

North Haven Beach.

Textured Tuesday – March 2021


‘Lullaby’ is a creation of Photoshop. I took a curved rock and water image taken at Shelley Beach and with layers in Photoshop turned and morphed it into something else. Added colour and birds and it becomes difficult to see just where the original is, except for it’s influence.


Lullaby 2.

Rock and water form the basis of ‘Lullaby’.

Beauty Lingers – A Creeping Weed.


This vine cum weed thing was growing over a local fence. It’s sort of a succulent but not that fleshy and I wasn’t sure if it would dry well. It did and it looks lovely flowing out of the basket. I will have to spend more time and make an arrangement with the other stems I picked.

Beauty Lingers – White Daisies.


These common white daisies don’t look particularly flower like or fragile. They have dried to this muddy colour and to me look more like mop heads than flowers but that’s part of the interest in letting the flowers die and dry inside, I get to see what happens to them when left alone for a length of time.

White daisies looking more like mop heads.


Beauty Lingers – Poppies


Back to an old favourite of mine, the Beauty Lingers Project. Some new dried flowers have been sitting on my small table for months so it is now time to capture their fragility and their strength for the series. They were on the table so long some dog hairs have lodged on them and stuck.

Twisted stems and poppy heads.

Dried Poppy capsule.