A Few More Orchids.


A few more orchid photos from my neighbours shade house. He has bought them so he has at least one flowering each month throughout the year.

I don’t know the names of the orchids, just that they are beautiful to look at 🙂
This one is about the size of my little finger nail, tiny!


First Friday – August 2020


A whole month at home! June seems so very much in the past, which is when I was away in my caravan last. Already getting itchy feet and if restrictions stay the way they are now I have planned another short trip away for September. All within the State of Queensland as our borders are still closed to Victoria and NSW where Covid is rearing it’s head again.

I started a second online workshop with Bailley and Chinnery “Cultivating Creativity” in July which will finish early August. It is reinforcing what I learnt in the first workshop “Creative Beginnings” back in May and taking abstraction further. There is more about colour, writing an Artist Statement and a Project Statement along with making a Series of Images to one of four themes. I’ve worked in fits and starts, got stuck, got unstuck, found nothing works then found all in a rush that things finally fell into place. And then naming images! Blank!! Then a few simple ideas, that seemed to work. And, then, at last, a brain dump in five minutes of titles I’m happy with.

One Multiple Exposure from my Project for Bailley and Chinnery

The digging for the new garden has finally finished. Kilos and kilos of rocks removed so hopefully the new plants will stand a chance. Already the rhubarb and chives are in but the other plants have to wait for availability through mail order. I’m going to scatter marigold seeds that I’ve saved so that there is a bit of colour while I’m waiting. The passionfruit that took over the fence has finally been cut back. There were about 80 fruit still hanging on the vine but I needed to cut it back before it starts growing again in Spring and get some new climbing frames in place for the Dragonfruit which has been a little lost in amongst all the passionfruit.

Finally the finished plot!

Four of us from the Masterclass group I was with last year decided to do a Bi-Monthly challenge to use our photography skills and keep in touch as we are scattered across three States of Australia. Our own choice of subject but at the end of the two months we had to post a Series of Nine with an accompanying  Artist’s Statement.

My subject for the Series of Nine was “Winter In Maleny” and as you can see we don’t really get a long cold winter here.

So all in all a very quiet month. Maybe August will have more to share so come back on the first Friday in September and check out what I’ve been up to in this month. Stay safe, stay well.



Textured Tuesday – August 2020


We went for a walk down the back paddock behind where I live, just to see where it led to. Actually it led only to the next property but Flair and I were hoping it might have led to a track beside the creek. The creek is overgrown with lantana and rubbish bush but we did find an old fence post.

Three exposures as a Multiple Exposure in camera of an old fence post.


The View Across.


Another part of the road from yesterday, looking across the paddocks to the trees on the skyline. Where I live there are many small roads along the tops of ridges that only lead to a farmhouse or meander for miles up and down going nowhere but to service the properties scattered in the area.

Trees marching across the ridge line.