Weano Gorge – Karijini

We actually did Weano Gorge twice, but these photos are from the first time. When you reach the bottom of the steps if you go right it leads to the Handrail Pool but I didn’t get that far. Didn’t trust the ankle 😦  There was still plenty to see in the distance I did manage to walk. The difference in colour between the rocks receiving sunlight or reflected sunlight and those that don’t is really noticeable in this shot.

Stunning red rocks and those white trees again!



Star Shoot – Karijini

I’m not really into celestial photography.  I’m an early riser and I also need a good 8-9 hours sleep to function. I forgo the shoot in Cervantes but decided I would try it in Karijini. Quite happy with my results but I’m still not convinced that I want to stand around, generally in the cold, and take long exposure shots of the stars. Even though they are magnificent!

The Milky Way and a million other stars.
A little light painting on the tree and the glow on the horizon is from the mining camps around Karijini.


Sunrise Across the Plateau

This sunrise we went to the Joffre Lookout where there are white trees and hopefully a striking sunrise. Lovely soft colour and golden light across the spinifex but no clouds to refract the sun.

Golden light of sunrise at Joffre Gorge, Karijini and our five trucks all in a row.


Landscape of Karijini

Although the landscape of Karijini is red rock in all the tourist brouchures there is a surprising amount of green. Green leaves from the trees and shrubs that manage to grow here and green/yellow from the herb type plants and flowers too. It isn’t a barran landscape at all.

White trunked tree in the red but also green/yellow landscape.


Back To Karijini National Park

Finally sorted out what the problem was with not being able to access my Karijini images, phew! So although I know some of you were enjoying my wave shots I’m going back to finish my trip to Karijini. This is a view of the large pool in Hammersley Gorge.

Hammersley Gorge and reflections
Wobbly reflections of the red cliffs.

And for those who read this far – the reason I couldn’t access my images was that I had attached my back up external hard drive instead of my working drive to my laptop. One of the problems with travelling and packing up the caravan every couple of days 🙂

Lots of Froth and Foam – Tuncurry Beach

Another wave image. The ocean and surf constantly change and each wave is different. I swear if I stood in the one place all day just taking photos I’d not get a repeat, which is what is so exciting (to me) about being on the beach taking surf and wave images.

Impossibly poised. The moment before the wave falls down.


Dolphin Enjoying the Surf – Tuncurry Beach

There was a whole pod of dolphins enjoying the surf at Tuncurry Beach but this was the only decent shot I captured of one of them. By the time I realised they were in the wave, they were gone! Lots of images of fins and tails but this was the only “portrait”.

Leaping above the wave.